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With Halloween approaching, many people are faced with the annual challenge of what to wear. Teachers are no exception and will definitely be faced with even a much harder challenge. Teachers Halloween costumes have thus become so famous and common mostly with elementary school teachers. This is highly appreciated by kids who want to relate to their teachers who may choose to wear a fairy tale or some cartoon character.
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As you proceed to higher grades, you will be appreciated much by the older students who will find their teachers to be cool in a Halloween outfit. If you teach a more mature student, then movie themes and costumes will definitely be the right match for a teacher. X-men, James bond, first five etc are the kind of movies older students identify with and therefore they will find you to be cool and appealing to them. If you move up to collage students, celebrity Halloween outfits are very much welcomed for teachers. Think of any celebrity most liked by your student and fit in their kind of dress code. Celebrity Halloween costumes are most welcomed by a majority of people both by students and teachers themselves.

You’ve always dreamed of being a teacher? Now is your chance! Channel your inner educator and be the boss of the entire classroom with this fun costume idea! At TeacherCostume.Com, we hear from a lot of folks who think that being a teacher is a creative and fun way to win oohs-and-aahs at their next party or Halloween bash.  Our teacher costume options are chosen for their realistic look and their user enjoyment.

Finally, you can be in charge!  Take charge of the classroom and the party when you wear a sexy teacher get-up.  Most teacher costume options include the standard yet oh-so-orthodox teacher accessories – like rimmed glasses, a pencil in the hair, a button up suit, and a lapel that says “Best Teacher’.  Teacher accessories to carry include chalk, pointing stick, or even a paddle to administer corporal punishment if someone is acting up or doesn’t turn in their homework.

School is definitely in session when you choose one of our teacher costume options.  This is a great costume for wearing on Halloween, to a masquerade party, or for some other venue where a teacher is needed!

Thank you for stopping by TeacherCostume.Com to find the best teacher costume option that will have your students putting their nose to the books and sitting up straight!

Halloween is much fun and should be used to break the ice between teachers and students. As a matter of fact, it’s a time the teacher will prove to the students that they are just normal people who know how to have fun. As much as not many will appreciate teachers Halloween costumes, they are equally very important in education and bringing up of students in the right way. Teachers Halloween costumes are not that expensive therefore keep in mind who your audience are when you go shopping for one next time.

Teachers costume ideas:

All of us would agree that at some point of time, each one of us would have imitated some of our teachers from past or present. And a lot of people opt for teacher Halloween costumes to peak the imitation of their favorite teachers. But when it comes to teachers themselves, away from the class, teachers are expected to relax and have fun with their students during Halloween. Whether it’s a costume parade organized by the school, or just a simple Halloween party, teacher do find it hard to come up with the right costume idea which will adequately fit their budget. For that reason, here are some ideas to keep in mind which will help you identify the right costume for you.

Many people prefer to get costumes that depict some form of character or personality. As a result, they tend to forget that schools are very devoted to reading. With this in mind, you can choose to incorporate maybe a given book you and your students were studying in your Halloween costume. Lighten up your students one morning with a nice Halloween costume character. Elementary students will be attracted to something quite different form the older and collage kids. So you will have to identify with a character of their age and likening. For instance, you can bring back Shakespeare to life by dressing like him or depict harry potter.

Halloween costume for teachers may as well bring out science concepts and ideas when you decide to dress like some kind of genius scientist with wild hair and big lab coat. You may think of dressing up like a strand of DNA if collage students are your audience.  If still not pleased with the mentioned ideas, you can decide to swipe roles and become the student. This will be much fun and you will interact more with your students. You can assume to be a football player or even the cheerleader. It may seem like your making a fool out of yourself but the students do appreciate this. As a matter of fact, you can assemble this costume by yourself but it will be far much better to let experts do it for you. There are many online shops which you will find helpful in helping you come up with the right costume.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorize your teacher costume with touches that make your students want to learn. You might choose a ruler to carry along or even a paddle for those who disobey. A sexy look for the teacher might be a neck tie loosely hung around the neck or even fishnet stockings. A pair of eyeglasses can give a smart look to the teacher as well. You might choose a pointing stick to accessorize your costume. A red ink pen placed behind the ear is commonly seen in many teachers. Some opt for a couple of books to make the look complete as well as a bright red apple.

Measuring for Your Costume

You’ll make it to the head of the class in a well-fitting teacher’s costume. Measuring for your costume ensures that you get the right fit, every time. Start out by measuring your waist. Use your natural waist line for this measurement. Next, measure your hips and your chest. Choose the widest part of both for your measurement, since this will make sure that the costume is not too tight in any area. Finally, note your inseam. Depending on the costume you choose, you may need to know it. Finally, compare the measurements you just took to the size chart for the costume that you want to buy.

Teachers Halloween costumes are fast becoming popular not only among elementary school students who want to imitate their teachers but also among those who are looking for different costumes. The teacher costume will also be perfect for those who had or have dreams of becoming one. While most of the teacher costumes consist of an orthodox dress, rimmed glasses and accessories like chalk and a pen or a pencil, there are also very sexy teacher outfits with sexy shirts, vest, stockings, shoes, etc. You can also buy spooky teacher costumes and this is the best place to find a range of teacher costumes at the best rates.

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